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Nurturing Creativity

From idea to optimisation, we work together with brands and agencies throughout the lifecycle of a creative idea to strengthen communications campaign effectiveness.

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Nurturing Creativity from Idea to Optimisation

Analysis of the world’s most valuable brands using the BrandZ Top 100 shows that the brands that grew their value fastest over the last 10 years are those that have an excellent brand proposition – one that consumers see as distinctive and unique – which is fully amplified through marketing communications.

By keeping advertising firmly connected to the brand and to the business, client insight and marketing teams, working together with their agencies, can strengthen this link.

Insight on how consumers view brands and their communications has never been more important

When implementing campaigns with tighter and tighter budgets (yet higher and higher targets), it is critical to deliver campaigns efficiently and with the assurance of ROI.

To help you deliver, Kantar Millward Brown has a suite of creative development solutions to support insights, marketing and agencies in researching, road-testing and evaluating brand communications at every stage.

From market and competitive discovery, early-stage brand vision, story boards, concepts, animatics, final production checks and in-market performance reporting, we can offer you a solid platform from which to make decisions, before, during and post-launch.

The right solution at the right stage to maximise potential

Best creative practice ensures the right foundations are in place from the outset - it listens to people as well as observes them - significantly increasing in-market success.

It's important to use the right solutions at the right stage of creative development to maximise potential.


This uses ethnographic research to help you gain a genuine understanding of the human side of your customers.

Uncovering consumers' perceptions of your brand, if your brand's positioning is as compelling as possible and if the consumer insight is rock solid.

Research at key stages increases advertising effectiveness and minimises the cost of development.


Identifying the most powerful messages to convey. Before you ask your agency to develop campaign ideas and long before you need to start investing in production.

Kantar Millward Brown / Nurturing Creativity - From idea to optimisation


Develop a winning idea to bring your brand message to life. IDeA supports the creation and development of an overarching idea for brand communication, that will inspire consumers be at the heart of all communication and work over time, across different media and geographies.


Providing constructive qualitative feedback early in the creative development process to help choose and optimise the best executional idea.


In-depth insights into the strength of individual formats: TV, video, moving and static display ads, sites, Apps, experiences and events, and how to improve to maximise sales.

Link for Campaigns

Identifies the most powerful combination of channels to help refine planning.


Providing validated evaluation of how an ad will perform and indications of why, in 48 hours. It is a cost-effective version of Link, including summary metrics proven to relate to sales and brand-building, understanding the strengths of an ad and how it could be improved.


Speed of light testing - almost! (the fastest has been recorded at 23 minutes) - when you need a very quick decision e.g. will this ad travel across markets. Or to check intended improvements have been made following a full Link.


Fast and efficient ad tracking, capturing in-market performance of multiple creatives and media channels.

Brand Lift Insights

Quantifies the impact of your digital campaign on key brand metrics. Optimise format, site and frequency for more effective future planning during campaign flight.


Quantifies the impact each media channel within a campaign has on driving your brand forwards. Ensures future media strategies and lay down plans yield greater ROI.

Digital Behaviour Analytics

Measures the impact of advertising activity on search and social for the brand and the efficiency of spend in generating this impact.

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